Friday, February 1, 2013

Hodge Podge of Art

Working on the dog for a new game at Bluelid.
Dewie is also a game in progress at bluelid


  1. Your art is awesome!
    But what happened to your Deviantart page?

  2. Its my understanding that some girl is claiming she is an art thief. From what I have seen I don't personally see it. I was a victim of art theft and I don't see her claim. Not to mention this is fan art to begin with, having a character in a similar pose is going to happen, their ponies for god sake they can only move in so many directions. I don't blame her for taking down her deviant but its a shame she had to for that reason. She does probably also want to concentrate on her other work not just the fan art. As sad as it makes me. T^T I miss faving everything on DA

  3. Your art is terrific. I'm particularly impressed with your versatility. Will you be at the San Diego Comic Con this year?

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