Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This is the head of my department Kelly Loosli giving me crap :) thanks Kelly

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Zebra Christmas Card

Its a little late


My 3D Bug made in Maya

Tree house

First attempt at an environment

Mega Monkey

These are some characters I have been designing for a story idea I have. The story is set in the future, around 2120, here on earth. By this time we as humans have trashed the planet and all wildlife left on the planet can only be found in zoos or scientific labs. Pets are a luxury for only the most wealthy. Basically animals have been wiped off the planet and the world has become toxic. The world is at war constantly for the last resources our planet has to give.

This is the main character of my story, a squirrel monkey named Desi. He was born in a lab and has never seen the sun. This particular lab specializes in military advancements and they expirement on the animals before trying anything on soldiers. Desi was fitted with an experimental gun but he lost his real arm in the process.

This is Amarra and she is a ringtail lemur. She is also an experiment in the Lab with Desi. She has genetically enhanced speed and strength. She and Desi eventually form a bond as they try to escape the lab.
This is Bananna, at least thats what Desi named him, he is all brawn and no brain. This poor tiger has been bred to twice a tiger's normal size so he could be used as a mount in wartime situations. Unfortunately he has also lost any intelligence his species once had because of the intense inbreeding involved in creating a huge tiger. He is a lovable pussycat and a failed expiriment
This is Dr. Devore and he is responsible for most of the abominable acts inflicted on the Lab animals. His skin has turned a permanent shade of green due to all the radiation he is exposed to daily but he keeps himself alive thanks to advances in medication.

I haven't posted in a while.....

Here are some character designs I have been working on for a class. This is a Samurai design I did for a class.

This is a character design I have for a pitch idea. He is an inner city kid with a knack for spray painting and getting into all kinds of trouble.These are a couple of designs for another story idea I had about guardian angels and skateboarding.