Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cat during the day

During the Day my cat will be black. At night she will be white.

A black cat sits on the banks of the Nile river watching the sun set. The last rays fall onto her face making her eyes glow as the sun leaves the sky and inhabits her body. Her black fur turns white and she seems to glow. Joyfully she runs to the nearby town and begins to light lamps and fires for the people, giving of her gift to everyone. With every bit of light she gives she seems to glow more brightly as the people of the town benefit from her. Beaming, she looks over the town then down to the river. The Nile seems to swell and leave its banks as it morphs into the giant water snake, Set (Set is the snakes name) Heaving itself out of the river the water beast pursues the cat, chasing her through the village and back down to the banks of the river. All the while every light she created it put out by the water snake. She reaches the bank of the river and looks back upon the village. It is dark and cold. Agony fills her and she turns to face the snake ready to accept her fate. It strikes and she is swallowed by the river. Just before her head disappears beneath the surface she looks to the sky and the sun begins to rise. Her eyes dim and her fur turns black, she is lost beneath the waves.
A black cat washes to shore just as the sun is beginning to sink in the sky. She rises slowly, moves down the bank closer to the village and sits to watch th sun set.


  1. Awesome character! i like the story behind it, cool design too!